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What is Lhogho?
Lhogho is one of the hundreds implementations of the Logo language (see The Logo Tree). However, unline most other Logos, Lhogho is a compiler.

Why is it called Lhogho?
We wanted a name which sounds like Logo, but is written in a way which noone else has ever seen before. We did search "Lhogho" in the major search machines (back in 2005) and we got 0 hits.

How to pronounce "Lhogho"?
We don't know. We asked several English native speakers, but they ricocheted back to us the same question. So far we pronounce it the same way as "Logo", but with a slight double-wink.

Who does develop Lhogho?
Lhogho is developed by an independent team. The team leader is assoc. prof. Pavel Boytchev, PhD. As an open source project we exect that other professional would join us.

My Logo programs do not work with Lhogho?
There is a bouquet of possible reasons for this: your Logo and Lhogho are really incompatible; or you need a feature which is not available in Lhogho (yet); or there is a bug in Lhogho; or ...

I want to help. What can I do?
Please drop a message in the Developrs forum.


Lhogho is a free version of Logo providing reasonable compatibility with older Logos and possibility of 3D graphics in real time. The main features are high performance through compilation to machine code, platform independence (both Linux and Windows are supported), UNICODE for easy internationalization. Currently Lhogho works only on computers with 32-bit Pentium processors.

Lhogho Compiler features:

Lhogho Language features:

A description of primities can be found in the User Documentation. Fresh features are announced in the News Section.


Currently we are working on the prototype of a Java-based client for Lhogho (its code name is Broccoli) which will allow users to used the compiler from a GUI; and a set (or a library) of user-defineable higher-order functions like APPLY, MAP, INVOKE and others.


Lhogho is an ambitious project. There are many things which users would like to see in it, however, the most notable are:

If you have an interesting idea to be implemented in Lhogho we would like to hear it in the Lhogho Forum.


Lhogho is distributed in several packages. Users are adviced to use a binary package containing the Lhogho compiler, some Lhogho libraries and the user documentation.

For Lhogho users:

Download Lhogho: This link should start the download of the binary package for your platform. The platform is automatically detected.

User's documentation: Although the user documentation (as PDF file) is included in the user packages for all platforms, it is available online too.

All download files: A page listing all available download packages for users including packages for other platforms as well as old packages.

For Lhogho developers:

Lhogho sources: This page contains links to officially released source packages of Lhogho. For more recent (and unofficial sources check the SVN repository)

Developer's documentation: Describes the internals of Lhogho - i.e. source modules, parsing algorithms, data structures, code generation.

SVN repository: A repository with the latest sources of Lhogho. The files in the SVN would be useful to developers. Instructions for using the repository are here.


You may contact us in several ways. Please, choose the one which is closest to the topic of your message.

Users forum: A forum for Lhogho users. You may asks questions about Lhogho, request help, provide advices to other users, discuss Lhogho and its application.

Developers forum: A forum for Lhogho developers. Suggest code for new libraries and applications, discuss internal implementation, provide fixes and improvements.

Bug tracker: Use this service only to report a bug in Lhogho. Try to be as precise as it is possible.

Lhogho portal: The Lhogho portal as hosted by SourceForge. A central place for getting all kind of Lhogho-related information including old versions of Lhogho, latest CVS files, etc.

Email: If you have a compelling (really compelling!) need  to contact us privately, write a message to lhogho2007[at]elica[dot]net.

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